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Alcumus Contest

The Alcumus Contest runs from 5:00am ET September 11, 2021 to 5:00am ET April 3, 2022, and is open to students enrolled in Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 at AoPS Academy physical campuses. Eligible students will see the participation button on top of this page once they've signed into their student accounts.


The Alcumus Contest is split into four divisions, one for each of the four courses for which the contest is available. Students must be enrolled in the corresponding AoPS Academy course to participate in the contest. The contest uses the AoPS online learning system Alcumus, which is divided into 5 subjects. The subjects that will be used to determine the scores for students in each division are as follows:

  • Prealgebra: Prealgebra, Number Theory
  • Algebra 1: Algebra
  • Geometry: Geometry
  • Algebra 2: Intermediate Algebra

For example, a student who is enrolled in Algebra 1 will only earn contest points from problems in the Algebra subject in Alcumus for the Algebra 1 Division of the contest. Students who are enrolled in multiple AoPS Academy courses may compete separately in multiple divisions, earning points in each respective division when solving problems in corresponding Alcumus subjects.

To change subject and topic in Alcumus, students can click the "Change Focus" link in the upper left box.

Students earn points for each Alcumus problem solved during the contest. Students may encounter some problems multiple times during the contest. The first time a student encounters a problem between 5:00am ET September 11, 2021 and 5:00am ET April 3, 2022, the student will earn between 250 and 1000 points for solving the problem correctly, with harder problems worth more points than easier problems. No points are earned if the problem is not solved correctly. If the student encounters the problem again during the contest and solves it correctly, then the second and third correct answers will each award 1/6 of the points available the first time the student encountered the problem. No further points will be awarded for solving the same problem.

Ties will be broken based on the longest streak, with the student who had the most consecutive days earning points through the duration of the contest being ranked higher (note that this does not necessarily coincide with the student's current streak). In the event that two students also have the same longest streak, they will be tied in the rankings. For a day to count towards a student's streak, they must earn points prior to 11:59 PM ET. With this in mind, we encourage students to set aside a consistent time each day to work on math contest problems.


Prizes for the top 10 students in each eligible course will be awarded after the contest ends. Top scorers will be awarded Amazon gift cards in the amounts shown below.

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $75
  • 3rd place: $50
  • 4th - 7th place: $25
  • 8th - 10th place: $10

Students must have earned at least 25,000 points by April 3, 2022 to be eligible for ranking and prizes.
Students must be enrolled in the corresponding course at AoPS Academy on April 3, 2022 to be eligible for a ranking and prizes.

Have questions?

Check out the Contest FAQs!
  • Do the points in Alcumus match the points in the contest leaderboards?
    • The points in Alcumus will not necessarily match the points in the leaderboards. They are scored differently and have slightly different rules. Think about Alcumus as the platform that the contest is using, not the contest itself. To put it a little differently: the contest is not Alcumus, it is in Alcumus.
  • I did some questions on Alcumus but the score on the leaderboard hasn’t changed.
    • The points in Alcumus are updated instantly, while the leaderboards for the contest are updated daily. The time and date of the most recent update is shown on the leaderboard. Contestants should expect a delay in Alcumus points being updated on the contest leaderboards.
  • I completed Alcumus problems before I started the course. Do these count?
    • Unfortunately they do not. Only problems completed while enrolled in a course and between 5:00am ET September 11, 2021 and 5:00am ET April 3, 2022 will be counted.
  • I completed Alcumus problems before I started the course. How do I make progress if I’ve already completed all of the sections?
    • You can still earn points on problems that you've already encountered. Students get full points the first time they see the problem during the contest window. No student starts at a disadvantage! Correctly solving a problem for the 2nd and 3rd time will award contestants 1/6th of the points available the first time the problem was encountered.
  • I’ve completed problems in Alcumus every day, why doesn’t the leaderboard reflect what I think my streak should be?
    • For a day to count towards a student's streak, they must earn points prior to 11:59 PM ET. Also remember that streaks are only active for points gained within a single subject. For example, completing problems in Algebra 1 on Monday, and in Geometry on Tuesday and Wednesday will net you a one day streak in Algebra 1 and a two day streak in Geometry, not a three day streak.
  • I don't understand the minimum point threshold.
    • Students must earn a minimum of 25,000 points between September 11, 2021 and April 3, 2022 in order to qualify as a winner. In other words, even if you rank 10th place but only have 5,000 points, you will not be eligible for a ranking or prize. The minimum threshold roughly equates to correctly answering a couple problems per week.

Leaderboards (View All Campuses)

Scores were last updated Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 5:00 am EST

AoPS Alcumus Contest
Morrisville Campus


Name Score Rank
Shreehan T 719,018 1
Nandan K 664,746 2
Deeptanshu G 479,065 3
Sai Vihaan K 398,392 4
Abhinav B 244,442 5
Shail S 236,816 6
Jacob B 224,771 7
Joshitha P 189,011 8
Ashrita G 74,805 9
Frank H 66,854 10
David I 52,835 11
Nrithyakavi S 45,814 12
Aryahi D 32,564 13
Divyansh J 30,599 14
Adarsh S 28,204 15
Rebecca B 22,762 16
Jane (Jein) P 15,954 17
Simran C 12,685 18
Subailakkiya S 11,588 19
Shivraj S 9,488 20
Lia S 9,038 21
Vrishank C 7,414 22
Adishree D 7,003 23
Viraj S 6,676
Yug G 5,748
Eric X 5,523
Isha D 3,725
Ritika T 3,190
Nathan D 1,743
Mahi V 1,440
Ishaan G 1,148
Abhinav T 575
Maithili K 334
Irena G 288
AoPS Alcumus Contest
Morrisville Campus

Algebra 1

Name Score Rank
Shrihan P 1,449,795 1
Jashvant M 973,877 2
Niket D 680,813 3
Adit Z 652,771 4
Akshar K 624,929 5
Ayush P 601,286 6
Pranav T 599,595 7
Tharun S B 396,573 8
Nidhi Saikia S 336,410 9
Sasha K 282,814 10
Saicharan V 206,541 11
Sharvika K 180,138 12
Laya A 139,973 13
James H 135,440 14
Parth P 73,923 15
Anastasia B 63,729 16
Deepa A 49,992 17
Srinath J 44,277 18
Sanjay A 26,114 19
Richard W 24,386 20
Dhriti D 17,643 21
Aarav S 15,359 22
Ishita P 14,615 23
Benjamin W 12,911 24
Eva M 12,320 25
Arvin G 11,880
Arham S 9,471
Askari H 3,589
Amrutha K 2,418
Anila M 2,385
Utkarsh P 2,162
Tavishi K 1,443
Hasini A 1,120
Anvesha S 994
Kushal S 937
Isaiah K 630
Atharva W 102
AoPS Alcumus Contest
Morrisville Campus


Name Score Rank
Akulnand S 308,176 1
Sarvesh K 289,728 2
Hemanth N 251,758 3
Sai Vachan K 188,294 4
Akshaj P 136,094 5
Akshaj D 114,976 6
Priyansh S 55,901 7
Ankit K 39,994 8
Pranav B 34,730 9
Bibek K 32,431 10
Andrea Y 26,736 11
Thea L 13,184 12
Daniel Mathew S 7,261
Benjamin W 7,116
Sarah Kate H 5,962
Maanas P 4,444
Eesha K 2,410
Brooks P 930
AoPS Alcumus Contest
Morrisville Campus

Algebra 2

Name Score Rank
Kavya R 121,814 1
Arjun M 77,024 2
Kerry L 70,228 3
Siddhant M 61,814 4
Pranav B 52,969 5
Parisa M 47,060 6
Akshat B 39,605 7
Mahita P 25,951 8
Rahul T 20,951 9
Anish V 11,404 10
Yash G 9,639 11
Devanshi G 9,130 12
George S 7,375
Aakesh Y 5,136
Anisha A 3,022
Kent L 2,924
Gautham M 2,731
Dhruv P 1,095

Honorable Mentions

Highest points earned in a single day

We only show the top 3 students in each course, including all students who tie for 3rd place.
Prealgebra Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2
Shreehan T
78754 points
Shrihan P
94770 points
Akulnand S
57707 points
Kavya R
18941 points
Nandan K
77248 points
Adit Z
61796 points
Sarvesh K
35865 points
Pranav B
16472 points
Sai Vihaan K
65636 points
James H
54569 points
Akshaj P
26325 points
Akshat B
15318 points

Most consecutive days earning points:

We only show the top 3 students in each course, including all students who tie for 3rd place.
Prealgebra Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2
Nandan K
13 days
2021-10-23 - 2021-11-04
Tharun S B
81 days
2021-09-11 - 2021-11-30
Hemanth N
70 days
2021-09-22 - 2021-11-30
Siddhant M
28 days
2021-10-12 - 2021-11-08
Deeptanshu G
12 days
2021-09-12 - 2021-09-23
Pranav T
53 days
2021-10-09 - 2021-11-30
Akshaj P
57 days
2021-09-11 - 2021-11-06
Kavya R
18 days
2021-11-13 - 2021-11-30
Shreehan T
11 days
2021-11-20 - 2021-11-30
Shrihan P
48 days
2021-10-14 - 2021-11-30
Sarvesh K
13 days
2021-09-11 - 2021-09-23
Mahita P
12 days
2021-11-13 - 2021-11-24
Shail S
11 days
2021-10-19 - 2021-10-29
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